DIY Sunburst Inspired Mirror

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Here is another DIY project which i have been wanting to do – sunburst inspired mirror. For the sake of those who does not know what is a sunburst mirror, here are some pictures i got from the net. It is very fun to do.

Sunburst mirror

Sunburst mirror
JVB Furniture

We have this gray mirror that I know there is much more to offer. It needed some little creativity from the owner.

* the gray mirror at the blue wall

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I spray painted it with Nippon spray paint – Black but then I realized putting it against a blue wall would looked too dark. I repainted it with White. Because I am too excited, I forgot to prime it. Well, it turned out nice though.

You need:  bamboo skewers, hot glue gun, spray paint and lots of patience :D

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirror repaint job

DIY Sunburst Mirror

You may want  to use chopsticks instead of skewers or whatever you  may  think of. Unleash your creativity and you will be surprised of what you can do.

Thank you for reading. You might be interested in my other projects here. Be inspired, Be motivated.

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