How To Sew a Tube Dress

hi everyone,
i have been very busy with sewing lately. here’s another DIY using my existing tank top to make a tube dress.

cut the tank top from end to end of the arm hole

prepare your fabric of choice. for a large size, 1 meter  is enough. wrap it around your waist  and measure your desired  fit. i choose to make a pencel skirt. cut. sew the bottom about an inch (double stitch it) and the sides.

after sewing the edges this is how it looks

get the cut tank  top. insert the skirt to the tank top. the tank top as u can see is in  the wrong side. the skirt is in the right side when inserted. both right sides of tank top and skirt should meet then sew around

the end result

 I hope you like it. i would love  to hear  your thoughts,  please drop  a note.

thanks for reading
diy addict

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