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Today, I will be  sharing with you how to re-cycle old T-shirts to make longsleeves shirt for my baby. Here I used my hubby’s T-shirt  because its big. As long as you know how to sew,  you will be fine with this project. So, read on for the process.

Step 1.
Lay down old T-shirt (wrongside). i forgot to use the wrong side here :D but you  may turn it after tracing the pattern.

Step 2.
Put your baby’s shirt on top. using a tailor’s chalk, trace your pattern on the Old  t-shirt. leave 1/2″ seam allowance. 

Step 3.
secure the shirt with pins

Step 4.
sew  the edges.

For the neck line, you may sew an elastic an in inch below from the edge to create a ruffled neck line or you may opt to cut a new neck line then sew a bias tape along the edges for a more finish look. You  can do whatever you like.

 the result…

end result

I love to hear your thoughts, please drop a note. thanks for  reading!

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