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It has been a  while I haven’t post a new blog and I really missed doing it. I have been busy looking for a career.

This is always a dilemma for all parents who are working – who’s  going to take care of my kid or children while we go  to work?. Some parents would hire a Domestic Helper or have Granny take care of the children or put  their children in Day Care Centers.  I do not  have any negative comments for those parents who leave their children with their DH nor leaving their children in a Day Care Center. For Me, it actually depends on the situation and their preferences. Like Us (me and hubby), We prefer to put our kid in Day Care Center because we know she will  learn more and get to  socialize with other kids than just staying at home with the DH. I also do not like to have other person in the house especialy a total  stranger. We  are a very  hands-on parents and we like to do things on our own. If only the situation permits, I would stay home and be with my kid during her formation years and be a Homemaker. But the situation now is different, I have to go out and work.

I enrolled my daughter in one of the private day care center  here in Singapore and I’m glad  that its near our  home and their facilities are good compared to other Day Care Centers. As always, it comes with a  price. It is quite expensive but it’s ok.

The center is airconditioned and well kept.  They have individual rooms for Playgroup, whole/half day care, play room/ computer room, a mess hall, nice toilet (it has shower area and wash area).  The  teachers are good, though, you really cannot  expect them to speak good English but definitely they speak fluent Mandarin. The staffs are very  approachable and  you  can always discuss your issues and concerns to them.

The Teacher turn-over in private day care is high. So expect to see new teachers every now and then. The  parents are not  allowed to stay in the receiving area which I think is good so  your  child will develop  a sense of independency. There are times accidents happen inside the room such as bumping of head, falling from their chairs etc. you know kids will always  be kids. My child is very active so I  expect her to experience incidents like hitting her head on the floor or falling from chair  or table. The Teachers always keep an eye of the children but sometimes  you really cannot predict the behaviour of the children esp. for the very active ones like my kid. By the way, their tables and chairs are small. So far, my  kid is fine. The teachers would normally inform us if there are small or big  accidents happend in the class.

As early as 18 months, I initially put my child in Playgroup (a 3hr program). So, she can mingle with other children same as her age  and to prepare her for the whole day program. She  adjusted pretty well and learnt a lot. As early as 2years old, she knows how to sing  the ABCs and count numbers 1-10. She knows how to read the capital and small ABCs. And  now she could count from 1-15 and likes to write scribbles. They also have chinese lessons which I think is great.

All in all we are very much satisfied of  the outcome and I think we did the  right decision so far. Sometimes  my kid doesn’t want to go home when  I  fetch her :D I don’t  feel any guilt  at all for putting my child in day care center. I already set  my mind that this will be our system for the next couple  of years so as early as 18mos old I have to prepare her. We just  have  to spend precious quality time with each other  when at home.

Till then everybody.  I’ll try to visit and post new blogs here as much as I can. thanks for reading. If you have comments please drop me a note.


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    hi i like your blogsite

  • DIY Addict November 27, 2012, 9:06 pm

    thanks. come-by often :D


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