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I hope you had a wonderful day! Today, is a very productive day.

Warning: What you are about to see is very disturbing. Not for the faint hearted.

Allow me to give a little insight about  this kitchen sink cabinet. It has always been like this even before we came in. We’ve never touched it since we rented the flat except by putting  more and more things that we don’t normally use. The thing is, cleaning it was the least of my mountainous priorities. Cleaning the kitchen sink cabinet was my over-overdue project. At last! It’s DONE!!! Here are the before and after pictures…


Cleaning the kitchen Sink
I have been wanting to put in one box all of my spray paint and tools. See the gray thing there? Its a  garbage chute.  I always wanted to have a recycling bin and lastly, I have been dreaming of seeing this  area in bright yellow…


the wood support was rotting…there’s a leak from the sink so every time we wash the plates some water goes down here.




(sigh,sigh) at last we are here…


 We have decided to take the cabinet doors out. There are still a lot of organizing I need to do to beautify this area but nevertheless, it looks better now.

The result….

Cleaning the kitchen Sink
I  just used a regular shower curtain bought for $2 at Daiso Shop


  1. We were able to paint it yellow.
  2. We were able to  put all my paint and tools inside the box.
  3. We took the cabinet out.
  4. We already have a recycling bin.
  5. We have 2 trash bins which is easier for me esp. when I am preparing food.
  6. Lastly,  It is now covered.
There will be new updates coming your  way :D Thanks for reading!
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