Making a throw pillow cover 2

Good day Everyone!

Today, I am going to post another tutorial on how to make a throw pillow cover. I did a tutorial on this before but since I am making a bunch of new throw pillow case, I might just document it again.

1. Measure the fabric. Leave 1/2 inch for the seam. The back cover should be at  least 4 1/2 inches longer than the front to give allowance for the overlapping and the seam.

2. Back cover

Cut in half. 

Sew the overlap edge

fold it again one more and sew

the edge should look like this at the wrong side

this is what  it should look at the right side

Do the same to the other half.

3. Place the back cover to the front cover. right sides together.

Back cover should overlap. Pin to secure its place

 Sew the edges. Here, I am using my serger/overlocker for a more clean edges. A basic sewing machine will do the job.

 I  had  to run another straight stitch over the over-locked edges to make it more sturdy

And its done

4. Place the insert pillow.

5. Decorate

Very simple and easy. You can even design your own pillow covers.

All of these are envelope pillow casings.

Thank you for reading.  See you.

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