Slipped Disc…huh? What?

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This is not about decorating, organizing, painting or sewing. This is about my experience having Slipped Disc. At first, when I heard about this term it sounded  to me as a very  serious  health problem. Well,  it can be if ignored.To help us understand, let us go to the definition first. I will try to simplify this post as much as I can.

Slipped Disc or Herniated disc- when the soft  part of the disc bulges through the circle of connective tissue. One common injury to the spine.  It can be extremely painful. If you experience pain when you  lie down  and if it travels down to your leg  or numbness sets in, then you need to consult a doctor. See pics below…

At first, I thought it was just an ordinary back pain. When I swept the floor or when I bend my back I tend to suddenly lose control of my right leg. Then, its like almost everyday I complain about the pain at my lower back. Before when it strike, I just took pain reliever. Some said  it  is just  “PANUHOT” (I don’t know the English term of this but from what I know this is a sort of muscle pain and you’ll get this if you place the electric  fan directly to you or a bad air gets into your body). 

Then one day, I woke up and couldn’t stand up straight. It was like I have osteoporosis. It was very painful at my lower back and there was a tingling or needle sensation going down to my thigh then to my right leg. Then, I rest a little more to let the pain subside until I was able to stand up straight. When I  got out to go to work  my bus was on its way to the bus stop. I started to  run to  catch  the bus but suddenly I  lost control of my hip then I was limping trying to control my lower body. Then, I  said to  myself, this is it! I need  to see the doctor. I did an MRI and Physical  Exam. By the way, a simple X-ray won’t help. The  MRI  showed that I have slipped disc.

If you experience continuous back pain or any pain, do not ignore it. It could be a serious medical condition. Good thing for  me, my condition does not require operation. I just need to observe proper posture, no lifting above 5kg, some medication, good walking exercise and lastly, a good bed. 

Here are the Better Postures as advised by my Specialist…

 I hope I was able to give you some  information about back pain. Thank you for reading.

‘Till then.

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