Baking and pregnancy update

Hello! Good day my Friends!

For the past days, I was so busy with house routine and baking. I wanted the house to smell like a bakery!. I  blame this to hormonal changes brought by pregnancy.
I was busy baking these…

1st day : Brownies

2nd day: Chocolate  Moist Cake (eggless)
3rd day: Pandesal (Bread of Salt) with butter

4th day:  Pandesal without butter. The bread looks a little burnt but in actual the color is just perfect.

 My little apprentice…

she likes to knead the dough

Pregnancy update: I am catching my breath every now and then and there is just too much gas in  my stomach. I keep on burping and passing gas. I don’t think it is from the food I ate. I plainly blame it to hormonal changes going on inside me. I easily gets hungry and during my first week, I always have this heartburn sensation. So,  I keep my food intake into small portion and munch something every 2-3 hours.

Lately, I am too  lazy to join linky parties. Hopefully, I’ll get back on track on what’s happening in the blogosphere. ’till then my Friends! 

 Be inspired, be motivated.

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