Pregnancy Update: 9 weeks and 5 days

Hello ! hello!

The other day, every time I drink water, it had after taste. I asked my husband to buy Wilkins distilled water because I want to. I just asked him to buy 1 small bottle. He couldn’t find any, instead, he bought me these…

Whaaattt!!! I was so shocked when I saw these. He bought different kinds of brands so I could choose. I was touched by his gesture and it was heavy bringing all these water from work. We did water taste test and it was fun! For me, they all taste water except for the Spritzer Sparkling Carbonated mineral water.

I had spotting when I woke up the next day. I did  not  feel any pain but it alarmed me and had to see a doctor immediately. I really do not know exactly how many months I am pregnant. I had vaginal ultrasound and  we were amazed that our baby is already 9 weeks and 5 days. Here is the ultrasound of our 2nd baby…

The estimated delivery  date is 19-07-2012, just 4 days after our wedding anniversary. I am still having mild morning sickness. The good  thing is that I don’t vomit like crazy as I  had with my first baby. As I can remember I only vomit once so far but I have many  moments that I almost vomit if I smell something that I don’t like e.g.  garlic and onion, rice, fish etc., I  am still picky with my food but it is not much of a problem. I heard  that a pregnant woman will have horrible morning sickness if there are too much toxins inside her  body so the morning sickness is one way to  release the toxins. I really do not know if this  is true but it is worth a try to detoxify if you are planning getting preggy. This is for now my friends. Thanks for reading.

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