I must be late about this photobook thing. Have you heard about it? I bet some of you owned 1 or more photobooks. It is actually the new trend (as I believed so)in preserving memories. So far, I have tried 3 photobook companies. To name them Photobook Singapore, Photobookmart and Photobook Express. I already owned 3 books from Photobook Singapore. 2 Photobooks are in production with the other 2 companies. I’ll be doing some reviews about the 3 companies based on my experience with them. I’ll have to wait for the other 2 books to get hold on to them. This is what made me busy for the past months while being away from blogland. It is good to be back. I have to check my fellow bloggers what they are up to. I must be missing a lot.

P.S. please click the link to see the whole Photobook Review

thank you for reading. Be inspired, be motivated.


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