Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Hi friends and guests :)

I am already on my 31st week!!! 2 more months to go. As confirmed by my Ob, we are going to have a Baby Boy soon.  My little boy moves like he is having a circus inside my tummy hehe…Some of my friends who have a baby boy said that boys tends to move more than girls while inside. It sometimes freak me out when my tummy moves like crazy. I am afraid that he might be struggling and at the same time it also freaks me out if he does not move.

At this stage, I easily get tired and catching my breath sometimes. As to my routine, nothing has change. My daily exercise is walking to and fro to my little girl’s school, about 30-45 mins walk total. I still do my house routine and No, we do not have a helper. I just make sure to finish one or two project everyday to maintain the cleanliness of our home.

Now, I am scheduled to see my Ob every 2 weeks. So far baby is growing fine. I don’t drink maternal milk since I am lactose intolerant instead I drink Soya Milk. I take vitamins that my ob prescribed. I make sure to drink lots of fluids. My Ob actually does not prohibit me of any food. He just let me eat what I want and in moderation. Sometimes I just can’t help myself eating sweets and drinking soda. So far my blood test results are all okay.

I am going to deliver in Thomson instead of Mt. Alvernia. I choose the 1 bedder room. I haven’t gone to Thomson’s Maternity tour yet as it is fully booked for the month of May. Wow! it seems that there will be a lot of mommies planning to give birth in Thomson.

Till then my friends!


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