Pregnancy Update: 33 weeks

Hello! Good day my Friends!

I am now on my 33 weeks. I am feeling really heavy and slightly swollen. I also noticed that my hands are feeling some numbness. Sometimes when I wake up during my sleep to pee, both my hands feels slightly painful while I try closing it. During this time, I sometimes grab some light snacks just to put me back to bed co’z I really can’t sleep when I am hungry.

My uterus is quite sensitive now a days co’z I am feeling the famous “Braxton Hicks”. OMG! when it strikes it totally take my breath away. It is painful but just for a few seconds, on and off. What I normally do, I just change position. It usually strikes when I am sitting or standing.

It is a little uncomfortable finding my sleeping position every night. What I also hate is my sinusitis. I can’t sleep when it strikes.

As usual, I am closely monitoring my baby’s movement. My back hurts sometimes esp. the part where my slipped discs are located.

I still do my day to day routine but more breaks than before. Still drinking lots of water. My Doctor told me that my baby is overweight. It alarmed me at first but actually the ultrasound is not accurate in getting the exact weight of the baby. Baby boy as per ultrasound was 2.4 kg and I weigh almost 60kg and counting.My tummy feels really tight and when baby moves it hurts sometimes.

Well, a little more time waiting. Soon we will have him in our hands :D

Thanks for reading and see you again!


  • flowerfoure June 14, 2012, 3:05 am

    Read your earlier post on photobooks. How does the quality of the 3 companies compare?

  • DIY Addict November 23, 2012, 4:29 pm

    Hi Flowerfoure,
    thanks for dropping by. I’ll be creating a video about it soon. Hope you can come back and see my vid.


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