2013 Colour of the Year/ Year of the Snake

How’s your New Year preparation so far? As usual, we are busy cleaning and preparing some yummy food for later. I am hearing some firecrackers even if its still morning of Dec. 31.Anyway, I have for you today is the 2013 color of the year and some famous celeb born in year of the Snake.

Color of the Year is Emerald. 

Year of the (Water) Snake

People born in the year of snake are wise, cunning and intelligent. They are usually sophisticated, elegant, graceful and cultured. 

Some famous celebrity born in the year of Snake are:


Iconic black and white photograph of Lincoln showing his head and shoulders.

This is my last post for 2012. I’ll try my best to write and share quality post for 2013. Thank you Friends and Guest for reading my blog. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for you.(teary-eyed). ’till then See you in 2013!!!

 I wish you a happy and Prosperous 2013!!!


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