10 ways to spend Valentine’s day at home

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Title: 10 ways to spend Valentine’s day at home

As we all know, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Have you thought of how to spend this special day? do you plan to go to a restaurant? Well, most restaurants are fully booked at this time even fast-food. How about going to a cinema? For sure, it is going to be crowded as well. We want this day to be meaningful as it only comes once a year. If you plan to just stay at home or you are on a tight budget then this is for you. 

Cake on Valentine's Day
Cake on Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Prepare a romantic dinner. 

  • If both of you know how to cook – cook together. Prepare your favorite meal. For dessert, make a valentine’s cake (only if you bake) or just buy one. Don’t forget the Champagne or wine.
  • Set-up the table in a romantic way. Arrange the flowers, lit some candles and dim the lights. Play love songs that both of you love. You can have dinner outside your house, veranda, porch or fireplace. 

2. Wear special attire like Tuxedo and Gown. 

  • If you have kids, let them join the fun. They will surely treasure this moment.

3. If the weather permits, have a stroll outside or to the park.

4. Watch your favorite movie together. 

  • If it’s a sexy movie, for obvious reason, watch it later when the kids are asleep. 

5. Dance with your partner. 

  • When was the last time you both dance together? I am not talking about disco dance here, I’m talking about the dance you had in your wedding or your first sweet dance. If you haven’t done it yet, this is the time to make it happen. Create good memories.

6. Each must write a love letter. 

  • I know this is very traditional but this is a good way to let your partner feel that he/she’s loved.

7. Play a game

  • Sexy games for couple. Please wear something sexy e.g. lingerie and please no PJ’s. 
  • If kids are around, play a treasure hunt. You may have chocolates as a price.  

8. Have a warm bath together. 

  • If you have bath tub, put some rose petals and essential oils. Lit a scented candle and have a glass of wine.

9. Sing a love song to your partner. 

  • If you are not gifted with a good voice, don’t worry it’s the thought that counts.

10. Don’t forget to prepare gifts. 

  • You may buy or make your own. 

Unleash your romantic side. Advance Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.

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