Warning: Twitter Phishing Websites

Warning: Twitter Phishing Websites

Hello! Good day my Friends!

Did you receive an email from someone thru Twitter that says you have a direct message and when you click the link given as you can see in the picture. You will be directed into a domain tivtter.com (see encircled). Have you received this kind of message? Did you input your username and password? I have a hunch that this is bogus. If you happen to know anything about this, please share it here.

UPDATE: I just read from softpedia.comand found out that Cybercriminals are hosting Twitter phishing pages on domains such as Tivtter.com, iwltter.com and iftwtter.com.

Please be vigilant and before you enter your username and password to any website, always check the domain or URL.

Thanks for reading.


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