Now Open! Jollibee Singapore

Let us celebrate! Jollibee is in Singapore!!! Woohooo!!!

Just a little FYI about Jollibee for those who haven’t heard about this Filipino Fast Food.
“Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a nationwide network of over 750 stores. A dominant market leader in the Philippines.”
“Jollibee is so well-loved every time a new store opens, especially overseas, Filipinos always form long lines to the store. It is more than home for them. It is a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pride.”
Jollibee Singapore opened yesterday March 12, 2013. As what we expected, the queue is very long and packed with fellow Pinoys.

Here’s my husband’s story.

It was almost 9 pm when he got out from the office, he rode a taxi going to Lucky Plaza in the hope that he could still catch Jollibee before it closes. When he reached there, I believe he was on brisk walking mode. He went to 6th Floor Lucky Plaza, Orchard where Jollibee is located. And then, there he saw Jollibee, I cannot imagine the excitement that glows in my husband’s eyes. The anticipation to taste the great Chicken Joy meal. BUT AND BUT it was already closed. He even tried to ask one of the staff if he could still get in but he was not permitted. Then, he said to me he will go back today for lunch. I even invited him to eat breakfast first but he refused. I said “okay then enjoy your Jollibee” and asked him to bring something for me.

So he went on, once again he was hopeful that this time he can finally have a taste of Jollibee Chicken Joy meal. My phone beeped. I received a message from him saying “the queue is very very very longggg! It looked like there were 150 people queuing”.
Jollibee Singapore
Jollibee Singapore
Oh man! how pity! He, instead, went to Gerry’s Grill at Starhub Centre. Not too bad though, he had a yummy and wonderful lunch.
So, I don’t think we can have a taste of Jollibee this month. The GOOD thing is they are already here in Singapore. The long wait is over. Yepey!

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