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Hello! Good day my Friends!

 I ordered my first photobook from Photobook Singapore. This is to inform all the readers that this is not a paid blog/ review. I do not know anyone from Photobook Singapore. Reviews below are based solely on my experience from this company. I hope you find it very helpful.

Allow me to set my own rating –  5 stars as the highest and 1 star as the lowest

What I ordered:

Paper quality
 3.5 stars

Picture Quality
4 stars
First and foremost, making a photobook needs time. Because I am a bit lazy adjusting and correcting my pictures I sometimes get undesirable results. The front cover page is matte finished. When I had my last order the color of the cover page is black. I noticed that there was sort of air bubble like near the spine. Since its black it is quite obvious and it looked like it has been flip so many times when in-fact it had been flip 2-3 times only. Maybe its not good to use black background? I am not sure.

Binding Quality
3 stars
I am not so happy how they bind it. The front cover warp outwards.I am not too sure why but the 3 books I ordered from them are like this.

I think it is way cheaper than printing it individually. Photobook Singapore sometimes do some promotions which is hard to beat.

Lay-out design
You can make your own lay-out and put pictures as much as you want. They have a lay-out to choose from.

4.5 stars
I like that they have a lot of templates for any occasion and I love the design.

4 stars
Navigation is easy. I like that it allows me to make proofs. I can do some effects to my pictures. Easy to download in Facebook due to its smaller file size. Ordering is also easy. Backgrounds are also nice. I can make my own background too.

4 stars
I like that they have facebook account. You can also make a complain or follow up thru facebook. When I had issues and used their contact form, they responded quickly but during peak season it may take a while for them to get back on you. When there was a lot of fingerprints on the cover page of one of the photobooks I ordered, they sent me a replacement free of charge.

4.5 stars
I like their website. Its full of information plus they have ready books to look for inspiration and you can  download and use the templates. This is what I like the most, tracking of my order is easy and its updated in every stage. I like it that it manages my expectations well.

My first order arrived in 3 days. That is FAST! my succeeding orders arrived in less than a week depends on the volume of their orders. I like that they also use DHL. I can easily track where my package is and estimate what time they can deliver.

  • Tina October 12, 2015, 12:22 pm

    Thanks for the review. May I ask which delivery option did you choose to have received your item in 3 days? Was it priority shipping? Thanks!

    • Judy October 23, 2015, 1:25 am

      Hi Tina,

      I really cannot remember now. In their website, you can see their promise timing for express shipping or the regular delivery. They do have different prices.


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