Funny Conversation with Kids

I just love to share and read funny conversation with kids.

They are brutally honest and they crack me up even at the simplest conversation.  Let’s get started.

I asked my daughter..
Me: Why are you so hard-headed?
Tricia: because I have bones on my head.
Me: (thinking) then I said yeah, right.
Some funny conversation with my daughter in the past.
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“A few weeks ago we were watching a speech the President was giving and out of the blue my 4.5 year old says “Look it’s the President of the United Steaks” “the what?” “the president of the united STEAKS!” (she emphasized the last word) I cracked up. My husband couldn’t stop giggling and she laughed too, but didn’t know why.” source


Ariana (5): Mommy, mommy, let’s play getting married!
Me: How do you play?
Ariana: I walk down this line here and you sing “Dum, da, da, dum…Dum, da, da, dum…” You be the guy because you’re taller.
Me: Okay. (We proceed) “Dearly beloved….”
Ariana: “You may kiss!” (Gives me a big smooch)
Me: Now what?
Ariana: Now we’re supposed to take off all our clothes.
Me: Whaaat?! And then what (now afraid of what I’ll hear next)?
Ariana: We kiss (dissolving into giggles). I’m just kidding.
Me: Now why would we do that?
Ariana: I don’t know. That’s what you’re supposed to do (more giggles).

Me: (Mental Note: Do not let Ariana play unsupervised with anyone—ever.) source


How about this one — to get it, you need to understand that I’m white (in the skin color/race sense of the word) and DS is African American.

DS8: Some of my friends and white and some are black.
Me: Yep, you’re right.
DS8: And some are brown. The black ones are the best (Huh?), but I like the white ones too. I like everyone.
Me: (just listening at this point trying to figure out where this is going).
DS8: I’m white, but I shouldn’t feel bad about it, one day I’ll be brown.
Me: (starting to stammer something out — not sure how to even respond to that)
DS8: But first I need to be gold, and then green . . .

At this point I FINALLY figure out that he’s talking about the sequence of Tae Kwon Do belts — which start at white, go through a bunch of colors, and end up at brown and then finally black.


  • Elena June 17, 2013, 6:09 pm

    This post just cracked me up! Don’t you just love kids?! They are too funny! Love the Tae Kwan Do and wedding conversations (what a freakin’ riot) :o)

  • Feral Turtle June 19, 2013, 7:57 am

    So funny Judy! I was actually reading through some of your older posts and I must say, I am still laughing. Cheers.
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