Funny Conversation with Kids

I just love kids conversation. It is hilarious and brutally honest. Sometimes they give the best advice of all. Ready for some funny conversation with kids?
Alright, let’s get it on!

Funny Conversation with Kids

————–from GSwinnie source
A few weeks ago we were watching a speech the President was giving and out of the blue my 4.5 year old says “Look it’s the President of the United Steaks” “the what?” “the president of the united STEAKS!” (she emphasized the last word) I cracked up. My husband couldn’t stop giggling and she laughed too, but didn’t know why.

————–from Beccacozie source

Ariana (5): Mommy, mommy, let’s play getting married!
Me: How do you play?
Ariana: I walk down this line here and you sing “Dum, da, da, dum…Dum, da, da, dum…” You be the guy because you’re taller.
Me: Okay. (We proceed) “Dearly beloved….”
Ariana: “You may kiss!” (Gives me a big smooch)
Me: Now what?
Ariana: Now we’re supposed to take off all our clothes.
Me: Whaaat?! And then what (now afraid of what I’ll hear next)?
Ariana: We kiss (dissolving into giggles). I’m just kidding.
Me: Now why would we do that?
Ariana: I don’t know. That’s what you’re supposed to do (more giggles).

Me: (Mental Note: Do not let Ariana play unsupervised with anyone—ever.)

———————-from K-Girl source

DS: I wish I had three legs. I could run around on all three.

Me: oh, yeah?

DS: Hmm, but I wouldn’t be able to have a penis.

Me: Hmm? Oh, yeah, three legs, where would it go.

DS: I guess it could go on my head.

Me: But then you would have to pee from your head, would you like that?

DS: NO, I guess I’ll have the leg on my head.


I hope you enjoyed my series of Funny Conversation with Kids. Did you miss the previous post? You can read here. See you again next week.

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