Treasure Hunting

I finally got the time to share this to all of you. While we were having a vacation at our hometown, I exclaimed in happiness when I found these treasures. Yes, I was treasure hunting. Suddenly, a light bulb appear on top of my head. These treasures were hiding under a bunch of other unused household items. These are my MILs hidden treasures. I asked her permission to upcycle these treasures and gave me her blessings.  So, I found an old traditional iron, candle holders, wine bottle, ceramic vase, and a lamp.

Treasure Hunting by I found an old traditional Iron, candle holder, vase, and lamp


I immediately washed, cleaned and headed over to paint them. I primed them first then painted it with…drum roll please..

Treasure Hunting by Wine Bottle Spray painted with Primer

Treasure Hunting by Ca


Treasure Hunting by Wine Bottle, iron and vase were paint in gold

I am in love with gold color. Super in love.

Treasure Hunting by Old vase was painted in Gold.

This is a traditional iron that we use in the Philippines. We put burned charcoal inside and after using it we wipe the bottom with wax or candle. This kind of iron is still being use up to this day. Although, I think the majority of the population are already using electric iron.  But this iron we have will be use as decoration. I am not sure though if the people from the Philippines would agree with me.

Treasure Hunting by Old iron painted in Gold.

Treasure Hunting by

I paint this candle holder in red. I removed the decorative plastic flowers as it was already very old and not in good condition.

Treasure Hunting by candle holder painted in red.

The before and after…

Treasure Hunting by Before and After

Witness the power of paint! I left these beauties at my MILs house for the moment but I’ll be grabbing these beauties in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my Treasure hunting! Thanks for being with me today. Talk to you soon!

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