Funny Images IV

Good Day Everyone!
How was your day so far? Oh I just can’t wait to share some funny photos with qoutes to you.
Life is so ironic isn’t it?
How a man wants his wife to dress.


As a Mom, I can totally relate to this.
How I see my knife. 4 different interpretation.


Kids are smarter these days.
 How I got money when I was a kid. Boy cutting grass and cat begging.
Hahahaha…I just want my baby to be healthy.
Nice try Mom. Apple burger with Celery as fries.


No wonder. Go, change your smartphone casing.
This is Why I lose my Phone. Smart phone on the carpet with almost the same  print.
Yo! yes, yes yo! Yoda you are so cute. Dance as if it’s your last.


Yoda Dancing with soldiers

Thank you so much guys for checking in. Hope to see you next week.




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