Pork Belly with Carrots and Celery

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Pork Belly with Carrots and Celery is quick and healthy recipe for the whole family to enjoy.  There is another recipe where I used minced pork. The slight difference are the seasoning I used and of course the type of meat. But how I cooked both recipes are pretty similar.


1/4kg pork belly, slice small (see video)

1 cup carrots cut diagonally

1 1/2 cup celery

half medium size onion

2 cloves garlic, cut small

5 strips red and green bell pepper

2 tbsp oil

black pepper

1  (.7g) pack Ajinomoto Ginisa Seasoning Mix

green leafy vegetables of your choice

1 cup of water. You can add more if you like.



Step 1.

In a medium heat, using a wok saute garlic and onion.

Step 2.

After 2 mins, add pork belly and cook until slightly brown.

Step 3.

Add-in carrots. Mix well.

Step 4.

after 2 mins, add in red and green bell pepper.

Step 5.

After 2 mins, add 1 cup of water. Let it simmer until carrots is a little soft but still crunchy. Do not overcook.

Step 6.

Add celery. Add seasoning of your choice. In my case, I am using  Ajinomoto Ginisa Mix.

Step 7.

Add your green leafy vegetables. Mix well and add black pepper. Mix it again. Turn off heat.

Step 8.

Serve hot :) and enjoy!

Pork Belly with Carrots and Celery



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