My kids had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD). I am sharing today our experience with this horrible infection.

It was Sunday when we noticed our son was having fever. His temp was around 38C. I gave him paracetamol. Then, I checked his skin and noticed 1 or 2 red spot on his hand and arm. We  started to suspect that it could be Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. HFMD is very rampant in Singapore so we have great reason to suspect that it was. We kept on monitoring his temp. He started to get cranky and we know for sure that there was really something wrong.

Around Monday past midnight, I woke up and checked our son’s temp. Oh boy! I immediately jumped off the bed and got some ice and wet face towel. The only thing that run thru my mind at that moment was to lower his body temp using this method. His temp was 39C. He was chilling. I was scared to death. Then after a few minutes, I gave him paracetamol. An hour later, his body temp was a bit lower but still it was high at 38C. Then, we continued monitoring his skin. Later that afternoon around 6pm, I noticed that he developed some sort of skin rashes and it was pimple like. We never slept through the night. Little boy kept on crying and every time he drinks milk from my breast, he cried like he was really in pain. Uh-oh! this got to be serious.

Tuesday morning, we went to the Doctor and it was confirmed. My son has HFMD. We were given Paracetamol and Baby Teething Gel to numb the mouth sores. Oh boy! that night little boy just cried like never before. There’s no vaccine or medicine for this infection which made us so frustrated. The paracetamol did not really help with the mouth sores pain. Below pics are the rashes and blisters of little boy.

Baby with HFMD pictures, hand, foot and mouth disease on baby

Baby with HFMD pictures, hand foot and mouth on baby

Baby with HFMD pictures, hand foot and mouth on baby

Baby with HFMD pictures, hand foot and mouth on baby

So, just imagine the throat of little boy having mouth sores this much. It was a horrible moment for little boy and for us too.

It went on for another couple of days before our little boy was able to eat and drink without complain. During those times, me and little boy slept at the other room. We tried to isolate him from his sister. But it seems we failed on this part. Our little girl started to show symptoms of HFMD. We know how to deal with it already so we did not send her to the Doctor to minimize the risk of infecting other kids. She had fever too but lower than what little boy had. There were no rashes but there was 1 blister in her hand then a few days later we noticed 1 or 2 blisters on her foot. It was not much. She keeps on complaining about her throat. When I checked it, there were 2 small mouth sores visible in her mouth. It wasn’t hard for us to deal with our little girl as she can communicate with us unlike our little boy that we have to decipher his body language.

We are now well and good. Thank God! We believed our kids got it from the playground. It is said that the incubation period is 3-5 days then after that, slowly the symptoms will start to appear. It took 7 days for my kids to feel better. I am showing you the after effect of the blisters.

Baby with HFMD pictures, hand foot and mouth on baby

Yes, those are skin – old skin. I would like to thank those who sent me well wishes messages on my blog and email. We really appreciate it.  You know who you are :)

Dealing with this viral infection was never easy. It was a HUGE relief for us that HFMD has finally left our house.

Thank you so much for being with me today. See you in my next post :)

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