A DIY Guide on Transforming Everyday Items into Holiday Décor

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A DIY Guide on Transforming Everyday Items into Holiday Décor

Holiday décor only stays up for a few short weeks, which makes it the perfect opportunity to get creative and try something new. You don’t have to worry about making everything perfect; in fact the homemade look of many of these DIY ideas is what makes them so charming. And with the cash that you save on these wallet-friendly but still lovely décor ideas, you can spend more on gift giving, entertaining, and maybe a treat or two for yourself!




The Kitchen

1. Cinnamon Sticks

What better way to adorn your kitchen than with the quintessential holiday spice? Just tie a bunch of sticks together with twine, and you have an easy and fragrant garland that can be taken apart and used for cider.

2. Acrylic Tray

You can leave this tray as-is for a versatile serving piece. But if you want to dress it up a little, slip a piece of decorative paper inside to customize it. You could even print a message out; “Drink Up!” would be perfect peeping out from under mugs of hot chocolate.

The Dining Room

3. Yarn

Along with looking lovely as a replacement for ribbon on craft paper-wrapped presents, you can also cut down paper towel rolls and wrap yarn around them to make pretty napkin rings. Just make sure to choose a thick, luxurious yarn; it’ll make for a much nicer effect.

4. Tablecloth

Bring a boring tablecloth up to snuff by stamping it all over with a holiday shape—bells, reindeer, holly, anything! You can either buy a stamp or try your hand at making one out of a potato.

The Living Room

5. Honeycomb Balls

These pretty paper balls are an obvious choice for stringing into a garland or hanging on your Christmas tree. But say you have no room for a real tree? You can also tape them to the wall in the right shape to make an unobstructive but still adorable DIY tree.

6. Cable Knit Sweater

Spilled something on your sweater? It’ll still get plenty of use if you cut off the sleeves and wrap them around candle votives. You can also cut off the collar and whipstitch the body of the sweater to make a cozy cable knit pillow.

7. Popsicle Sticks

Especially fun to do with kids, a simple snowflake DIY of popsicle sticks makes quite a statement in your window or on your wall. Make sure to paint them a color that goes well with your holiday theme.

The Entryway

8. Simple Doormat

It’s easy to cut out an antler stencil, or any other shape that strikes your fancy, and spray paint it onto a plain doormat.

9. Gold Leafing Kit

The sparkle and texture of gold leaf can be pretty addictive; once you’ve gotten the knack, you’ll probably want to put it on everything. But start out slow by applying it to a simple pine cone garland.

10. Battery Operated Wreath

A lit-up wreath is so much more magical than a plain one, but who wants to mess with cords on your front porch? Opt for an artificial one that lights up, and you’ll be able to reuse it every year, and redecorate it to suit your color palette and theme.


Dagmar Obert is a designer for Balsam Hill with over two decades of experience transforming homes into spaces that reflect comfort and elegance. More of her how-to guides and inspiration articles on decorating and entertaining can be found here. You can follow her on Pinterest and Houzz.

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