Here’s a quick Practical Christmas Party Fashion. Don’t get all worked up worrying about what to wear!

In the days leading up to Christmas, you’re bound to be invited to numerous Christmas parties, with friends, office mates and family. Dressing up for party after party can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve got a limited wardrobe. Luckily, this year’s trend includes key pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways, so you can keep going to parties without looking drab.
TV3 Ireland says that the top three trends of this season are faux fur, lace and leather. Investing in accessories made of these materials is a surefire way to stay trendy even after consecutive parties. Dresses and cardigans trimmed with lace are a great find because they will also function well even after the holidays have passed. These items are timeless and can be reused for parties throughout the year.

Lace Dress


The editors of the Marks & Spencer Style Guide also recommend getting a lace dress, as it’s very stylish and requires very little styling.

Sequined dresses are also a staple of the holidays, as nothing embodies the festive spirit as these do. The Huffington Post says that “For a Christmas party, the more sparkle, glitter and brocade in an outfit, the more points you get with the celebration gods this season.” Instead of simply getting a dress bespeckled with sequins, find a dress that has sequins arranged in peculiar patterns — that’ll really get everybody talking!

And lastly, Glamour Magazine notes that this sparkly trend can manifest in your accessories if you’re not into sequin dresses. Instead of wearing a shimmering dress, wear chunky jewelry with an LBD. This look is a classic, and it works well in any occasion too. Just don’t go over the top with your necklaces and pendants! Keep things classy with pearls and diamonds.

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