Good day Friends! I have been meaning to write something about stairs and Jessica came in perfect timing. She’s a God-sent. Jessica is a writer and design enthusiast who loves researching home decorating trends and space saving ideas. Jessica is going to share some amazing tips  about what stairs could do. Friends, let’s welcome Jessica.


Though they don’t often get the credit they deserve, staircases can do a lot more for a home than just bridging the gap between two stories. Their aesthetics add an architectural statement while custom features offer a myriad of functions. From spiral staircases to traditional wood, here are five beautiful stair designs that can complement and expand any style.

1. Spiral Staircases

Sleek and contemporary, corkscrew shaped staircases are a classic look that is making a comeback. Spiral staircases can serve as both an artistic element and a practical space saver. Spiral stairs come in a number of materials to serve two purposes as afunctional piece with an elegant yet minimal design.

 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Stairs Could Do. Spiral Staircase.

Spiral staircases also open up valuable floor space because their compact size leaves the area in the home around them exposed. Stair specialists like Salter spiral staircase can  provide pre-built or self-assemble packages in wood, metal or wrought-iron. The kits are relatively inexpensive for their stunning visual appeal and take minimal installation effort.


2. Secret Nook Ladder

For hidden areas within the home, such as corner nooks, attics or loft areas, using a ladder to reach the secret room takes up minor space while still looking stylish. Easy to install and secure, ladders offer a whimsical appearance while remaining safe for any climber. And if the room is only accessed occasionally, the rungs can be used to hold blankets or as a coat rack.

 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Stairs Could Do. Secret Nook under the stairs.

3. Shelving Stairs

Instead of typical stairs that encumber useful space, creating stairs with a built-in shelf or drawers along the stair wall is unique way to utilize the space staircases normally hamper. For homes or apartments with little available space, investing in a staircase that can act as both extra shelving and as a means to get upstairs is a wise decision. It is functional, creative and a great use of space.

Instead of typical under the stair closet storage that is hard to utilize efficiently, construct cupboards or drawers within the sides of the stairs. Building pull out shelves underneath the stairs utilizes every ounce of space, from top to bottom. And the addition of cupboards on the side of a staircase is visually appealing.

 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Stairs Could Do. Stairs with drawers.

4. Library Staircase

Enclosed staircases are a great place for a library of side bookshelves. Instead of placing pictures along the awkward triangular wall along your stairs, utilize the space for all of your extra books and magazines. For those who enjoy an eclectic style, a hidden library in the staircase can even resemble a vintage bookshop.


5 Things You Didn't Know Your Stairs Could Do. Library under the staircase.


5. Hidden Storage Stairs

Although beautiful, traditional staircases typically consume precious space that can be utilized in a variety of ways. If there is already an existing closet underneath the stairs you would rather utilize as is, then build in a dog house.

 5 Things You Didn't Know Your Stairs Could Do. Dog house under the stairs.

As much as people love their pets, they do not generally like their crates, dog beds and endless dog toys cluttering up the living area. By using the closet as a crate concealer, the cumbersome dog crate and dog bed are hidden from plain sight, freeing up plenty up space within the home. And this gives Fido a special area just for him.

Incorporate these features into your home and let your staircases take on a whole new meaning with extra shelving, storage or beautiful design.


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    Glad to see some creative ways to use the stairs in an effective manner. Out of these all styles, I like the library staircase because it looks so natural and this is best way to keep your books.
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