We have Robert today in the house to share some ideas and tips about House Hunting. Been there done that and it wasn’t easy. It incurs a lot of work and time. Let’s read what Robert has to say.

 House Hunting Drive Bys, Open Houses and Home Tours


House ‘hunting’ is not like generations ago.  Your grandfather probably considered himself lucky to afford a few rooms.  Your father’s trajectory was likely a bit less bumpy and more like a consumer’s experience of the recent era.  However, today, home shoppers have a number of choices, some not available to generations ago.

Choices are good, making it convenient to shop for a new home and exacting the right rationale.  However, when viewing a potential new home via a drive-by, open house, or virtual tour, consider the following suggestions.

Drive Bys

Drive-by house hunting involves curious, Sunday strolls through neighborhoods marked as new or otherwise advertising homes for sale.  It’s a lax way to go about house hunting; other than an outside view, and perhaps peering in the windows if no occupants or police officers are around, one cannot collect much information.

However, driving by potential neighborhoods is a good place to start.  It gives potential owners the ability to survey the neighborhood, local occupants, storefronts, measure access to hospitals, parks, and other places of interest.

However, as you’ll read, the drive by is just one of three suggested methods of home shopping.

Open Houses

Open houses present more information to potential buyers, giving them an official inside view of the home as well as the ability to see if others are immediately interested in buying the property.  It presents the ability to ‘get a feel’ for living in the space and spending years of your future life there.

However, while the open house does give one an official viewing of the home, the experience could be rushed, forced, and uncomfortable for those who have a number of questions to ask a potentially busy real estate agent hosting the open house.  If you’re serious about a particular home, consider calling ahead, reserving a half hour of the real estate agent’s time.  Find a real estate agent online or via local listings.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours, provided via Web sites of realtors or other parties, are incredible, offered to homebuyers of the 21st century.  It provides one with the anonymity of browsing at their own pace of interest while presenting them the ‘inside view’ formerly provided only to those visiting via open house.

Virtual tours emulate the experience of walking through the rooms of the home, sometimes giving intimate details such as measurements and trajectory of incoming sunlight.  However, while one can get an in and outside view of a home, a virtual tour limits one’s ability to ask questions in real time and ‘actually’ experience the home and subsequent neighborhood.

In an optimal situation, a new homeowner will survey the neighborhood and outside of a home, conducting a drive by, visit the inside of a home with a real estate agent, asking questions, and taking a virtual tour of the property, enabling one to survey all the home’s nooks and crannies.

Today’s buyers have advantages not available to generations of the past.  If you’re searching for a new home, don’t miss out on the opportunity to complete the ‘triangle’ of home buying.

Robert Groleau’s career in real estate spans decades. With today’s turbulent housing market, he finds value in writing about the ins and outs of navigating real estate for the everyday person.

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