Good day Friends! Remember Jessica who shares her ideas about stairs? Here’s the post if you missed it. I always strive to make a space look and feel good. Most of the time I struggle and I know some of you out there are like me. I am so glad that she’s here once again to share some good advise about  how to create an open concept with decor only. Take it way Jessica.


Creating an open floor plan concept has been one of the top interior design trends over the last decade. For families living in an older home that yields the traditional, closed-off room designs, making a home feel light and exposed can become an expensive remodel.

How To Create An Open Concept With Decor Only

But instead of a complete renovation, there are many clever ways to utilize a home’s decor in order to generate the beautiful open concept that will maximize the space of your place.

1. Wall Colors
The best place to start is with your bare walls. Choose wall colors carefully because even though dark colors add drama to a room, they can also make it feel small and enclosed. Conversely, light, soothing colors such as soft blues, yellows, and creams will brighten up a space.

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Because of the additional light reflected from lighter colored walls, the room will feel immensely larger without having to add on any additional square footage. And you can add an accent wall of a darker shade to increase drama and dimension. You can also add a different lighter shade or even hue to the ceiling to draw the eye upwards which elongates the height of the walls.

2. Staircases
Often times a staircase divides a room that could otherwise offer a cohesive open space. Homeowners should consider replacing the staircase with a set of spiral stairs. Spiral staircases have a circular shape which consumes little space, thus allowing the homeowner to actually use all of the additional area the traditional staircases hogs.

3. Window Treatments
Use light, bright curtains to bring a light appearance into a room. The sheers will add design and privacy while allowing the natural light to brighten the room.

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Additionally, use the same curtain theme throughout the home in order to bring the space into one fused area. Making a design concept flow creates a unified feeling throughout the entire home.

4. Accessorize
Tie in accessories from the kitchen into the living room in order to keep the space consistent. If the kitchen has beige-tinted counter tops, add beige patterned throw pillows on the living room sofa. Or, if the kitchen has red appliances, add a pop of red somewhere within the living room as well. Interconnecting the space’s themes will make the home feel like one large place.

5. Lighting
The correct lighting can define each space of the home by generating more light within a room, thus making the area feel larger than it actually is. Increasing natural light with a sky light or new window can make a big impact when it comes to increasing the illusion of space.

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6. Furniture
Investing in the right furniture pieces can also maximize the amount of space available within a room. Purchasing a dining room table that has drop leaves in the center allows for a large table when entertaining that can be made smaller during everyday living to optimize available space.

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Purchasing a storage ottoman is another sneaky but fantastic idea. Inside you can hide things like:
•a blanket
•serving trays
And all of this is transformed into a seating bench or foot rest while hiding extra items underneath its cushions.

7. Mirror, Mirror
Mirrors reflect light, which reflects a bigger room design. When it comes to adding a mirror to a room’s design, think like a minimalist by picking a traditional, medium-sized framed mirror. This adds the appearance of space to the room without becoming the epicenter of the area.

Creating an open feeling in your home does not have to be an expensive project when you can use these easy tricks of the trade to expand the illusion of space throughout the house.


Thank you Jessica for this wonderful write-up.  Hope to see you again pretties in our next post.


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