Good day friends! Here’s another helpful article written by Steven Young which I think would be a great help for everyone especially women.

You don’t need a man around to do simple repairs. You just need a few of the right tools and some motivation. There’s going to be times when the faucet leaks, the toilet gets backed up (or breaks), and when something on the side of the house falls off and you need to repair it. Here are the tools you’ll likely need for most home repairs and maintenance jobs.

 Modern Living Home Emergency Essentials for Independent Women

Easy Access To Video Instruction

Instruction and education is something that will empower you to fix almost anything. Fortunately, the most common home repairs are also the easiest. YouTube is filled with copyright-free videos you can download using something like the software at Why download them to your mobile device? Because you’ll probably want the video available when doing the job. If it’s outside, or in the back yard, you don’t want to rely on a spotty Internet connection. Remember to respect IP.


A Good Tool Kit

You don’t need a 250 piece mechanic’s toolset. But, you should have some basic tools like a decent socket wrench and socket set. A hammer or two, a few different sized saws, a range of screwdrivers – both flathead and Phillips head, a drill, Allen wrenches, nails, screws, a wire cutter, measuring tape, and a small level should do it. This will cover roughly 80 to 90 percent of the tasks you will need to do around the home.


A Stepladder

A stepladder is another “tool” that is easy to forget. Now, you don’t always need one, but it’s a good idea if you’re short or you’re tall but you still can’t reach very high places. While a chair can be used, chairs aren’t always as stable as a ladder.


Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a great idea for, well, emergencies. Walking into an unknown situation is always scary, but you can prepare yourself with an emergency kit. That way, if the power ever goes out or you’re stranded inside (i.e. snowed in), you have supplies.


A few things to consider keeping in your kit: candles, batteries, warm, thick, blankets, a change of clothes, medications, and bottled water or a water bottle filter tested and capable of filtering non-potable water (water that may be contaminated with viruses, harmful bacteria, etc.). You shoul also have a first-aide kit in there along with a non-battery powered flashlight (i.e. a Faraday flashlight).


For your vehicle, keep jumper cables, a spare tire, a jack, a gas can, and a bag of cat litter. Even though it’s not for your home, they will come in handy at some point.


A Fire Extinguisher

This should be obvious. If there’s ever a fire, you want to put it out quickly. Fire extinguishers should be in every room in your home. If you wake up, and see smoke, you should be able to easily grab it and clear a path for yourself to the nearest safe exit.


Stuff For Clogged Drains

Don’t over-complicate plugged drains. Usually, a bottle of Draino will do the trick. In a pinch, you can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Dump the baking soda into the drain. Then pour vinegar down after it. Watch it bubble and foam. Vwala – clean pipes.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Keep smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Check them at least once a year to make sure the batteries are still powering the device and use the tester button to verify it’s still functioning normally. Replace them every 10 years or if they ever begin to fail testing.


About the Author: Steven Young has raised four daughters. He likes to write articles that prepare young people for independent living.


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