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Top 8 Home Interior Design Trends Perfect For Spring


Spring has arrived and so have a slew of new interior design trends perfect for brightening up the home and giving it a refreshed look and feel. So pull out the paintbrushes and give your home a spring spruce up with these eight great interior design ideas.


1. Color, Color, Color

Top Eight Home Interior ... 1 Color, color, color. Beach house. Turqouise carpet, white walls with some wood. white sofa in a white beach house.Photo Credit:

This spring, it is all about the color design. Some of the biggest color trends of spring are bright blues, subtle yellows, and beautiful lavenders that allow for a bright, calming atmosphere. Bring in a bright pop of color in the form of accent pillows, curtains, or eclectic decor items.


2. Floral Patterns

Florals are back, and they are more popular than ever. Whether it is a bold statement on a floral print sofa, or a subtle floral addition on an accent ottoman, floral a staple which is very appropriate for spring.

Top Eight Home Interior ... 2 Floral Patterns. Floral desk with pink or fuscia lamps with circular mirror.

Photo Credit: Escape to Paradise Lifestyle

Don’t be afraid to mix and match florals with color in order to draw the eye to the different designs in the room. Mix blue patterns with yellow and purple florals and cream colors with a variety of floral statements. But also keep in mind that it is easy to over do it with flowers. A little introduction goes a long way in keeping a room trendy.


3. Glamour

Bring a little glamour into your home in the form of metals, cast-iron, and glass. Whether it’s installing a metal spiral staircase to add a bit of visual drama or simply decorating with a mix of brass, silver and gold decor pieces.


Manipulating different metals from handcrafted artisan to contemporary high gloss will easily add style and versatility to each room.


4. Height

Add visual height in living spaces by spacing the decor in tier-levels. Mixing tall glass vases with smaller candles or trinkets can bring dimension to the decor. Use books or decor boxes to stagger heights. Not only is the eye drawn to the decor, but the visual interest will also be heightened by the different pieces placed together.


5. Coastal Living

Hampton living can be felt in any location, and the casual beachy atmosphere is a design must this spring. Seashore-inspired elements are popping up throughout homes with weathered and whitewashed wood ceilings and drift wood furniture pieces. Incorporate a few inspired marine or nautical prints to tie in the entire theme.

Top Eight Home Interior ... 5 Coastal Living. Turqouise winged chair. white living room with cream curtains and gorgeous turqouise ceiling lamp

Photo Credit: Fancy House

6. Shabby Chic

For everyone with older pieces of furniture, shabby chic has made a comeback. Turn those beat up wooden tables into brand-new focal pieces by giving them a spruce up with chalk paint.


Change up the outdated and tired drawer or cupboard knobs with more modern or vintage inspired pulls that can be found at hardware stores, restoration shops, or at antique boutiques to bring the piece back to life.


7. Textures

Add textures to the walls through high-gloss finishes, metallics, sequins, and mirrors. A textured tile wall brings visual and tactile interest. Pair it with a contrasting high gloss lacquer or low-gloss matte accessories.


8. Wood

Wood is the new way to go neutral. Rich wood textures make a lovely rustic combination beside brilliant color. And shades from mahogany to honey can create warmth and limitless design flexibility.

Top Eight Home Interior ... 8 Wood. Wood furniture with turqouise tuffted sofa and cream carpet.

 Photo Credit: Style by Emily Henderson

Pick your favorites and enjoy these new spring trends this season.


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