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Hi Friends, today I just want to share some inspiration for our new home. I have a lot of things that I want for our upcoming house but I am lowering my expectations. We may have a lot of wants and needs but it will still boils down to our budget. I think that’s always the case. It is good though to have something in mind, just to give us ideas how it will look like in our new home if ever it will happen.

First off, I want to raise the floor. Our newly bought house is just 64sqm, 2 floors. It has decent size rooms but it falls in the “small room” category. Definitely, storage will be a big issue. Below is exactly what I wanted for our Master’s Bedroom.

I love dark brown wood and white(ivory/creme) theme. It is classic and clean. Under the floors ideally will be storage. The walls will have cabinet storage. While we highly consider storage issues we wanted it  clean and simple.

Crema & Mali Wenge. raised floor

Image source: Wren Living

Next, we want slide. 

We do not know yet how we are going to make this happen but below is exactly how we wanted it to be. How fun will it be? (day dreaming)

Cheerful Rainbow House Idea in London

image source: IndoHomeDesign

Our soon to be kitchen is very small. Surely, we have to improve the area co’z I really need a bigger space.

Kitchen Area

 I do a lot of baking and cooking. Currently, the kitchen is just about 3 meters long.  Very straight forward. We thought that an L-shape kitchen would be ideal for us just like below.

Framed Alabaster Timber Kitchen

image source: Wren Living

For the Dining Area, I want these lovely transparent chair. Below is from Ikea. We wanted to create an open space feel so we thought these chairs would help us create that look.

Ikea Trasparent Chair resize

We also plan to have a home theatre room. This will shoot up the budget for sure but hopefully it will happen. I don’t have the luxury to go to the theatres to watch movies. I am almost always left with our small kids so we’ve decided to create one so that I can still enjoy watching movies even at home. We don’t have to go to the Cinemas. By the way, the cinema tickets are getting expensive year by year.

Multi-Use Rooms

image source: Electronic House

The above chairs are way too much for my taste. This 2 Seater Double Recliner Sofa would be great for the home theatre room.

Reno 2 Seater Double Recliner Sofa primary image

image source: Wren Living

On the second floor, there are 3 rooms – Master’s Bedroom, 2 common rooms. The first common room would be the home theatre room. The second room will be the play room aka craft room. We are co-sleeping with our kids as of the moment so we don’t have to dress up their own rooms yet.

This is a beautiful playroom a.k.a. craft room. I can do my favourite things while kids are at play. Also, half of the floor is raised which is a great idea for additional storage.

kids play room craft center and storage

image source: Milieu Design Group Interior Design

This is all for now. Let me know your thoughts guys at the comments below. Talk to you soon!

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