Hi Friends, I am so happy to have another guest blogger today. I’m sure some of you know her already.  Let us welcome Michelle from The Chill Mom. Take it away Michelle.


Even before Lauren was born, I’ve been asking friends and family for tips for flying with a baby. It is inevitable because I’m an expat wife in sunny island of Singapore. Both our families are in Australia and Malaysia. Hi, I’m Michelle from The Chill Mom and I’m glad to be guest blogging for Judy today.


Since then, we have been on 8 flights in the past 18 months. Most flights went pretty well, but there were times when it got very, very challenging. The worse was when neither Nick nor I got any sleep on an 8 hours overnight flight. Nevertheless, fear not. We have since learnt our lessons and got a few tips up our sleeves.


Here is a list of my top 10 tips for parents traveling with babies and toddlers.

1. Book (well) in advance

For flights during peak holiday seasons, make sure to book well in advance. Call/email the airlines to confirm your baby basinet seat reservation. Otherwise, you will have to hold your baby in lap throughout the journey.


2. Choose your flight according to your baby’s routine

For short distance flight, choose a flight after meal and nap time. Make sure your baby is well fed and well rested. If your baby falls asleep easily, choose a flight that departs half an hour before nap time, so your baby will sleep on the plane.

Some parents swear by night flight for long distance, because your baby may sleep through most of the flight. From my personal experience, it was a disaster. But please don’t let my experience deter you.


3. Priority boarding?

Decide at the gate whether you want to pre-board. Getting on early gives you extra time to get settled, but it also means your child has to sit for much longer. Your child might get restless by take off. A better idea is to have your partner/husband get on the plane with the bags while you let your toddler run around until the final call.


4. Choose an aisle seat

You will have to get up more often when traveling with a young child. Having a seat at the aisle will give you more freedom to move without having to climb on top of other or needing to wake people up.


5. Taking off & landing

To help your baby to equalize the ear pressure during takeoff and landing, you can either nurse your baby, give him water to drink or make them eat something small. Swallowing helps to relieve the pressure in young child.


6. Buy an extra ticket or take a baby carrier with you

Short distance: Consider taking your baby carrier on flight, this way your hands are free to carry hand luggage, fill out immigration forms or any other thing I have to do. It is more comfortable for both yourself and baby than having him/her wriggling on your lap.


Long distance: Consider bringing your child’s car seat. This means you’ll probably have to buy an extra ticket, but holding your toddler for the entire flight can be a drag. It’s also unsafe. Plus, the car seat is familiar to her, and she’s already used to traveling and napping in it.


7. Pack it up

Make sure your diaper bag has extra clothes (in case of spillage), jackets/cardigan (temperature in cabin can be chilly), diapers, wipes, food, milk, pacifiers, toys, and blankets. Be sure to also pack something your baby loves. Sitting in a plane can be really boring and feel too unfamiliar for your baby, pack something that will get his immediate attention and familiar to him. It could be his favorite toy, book, teddy bear, food or whatever you baby loves.


8. Stay calm at all times

If your baby throws a fit, the worst thing you can do is freak out. When you start panicking, your baby picks up on your tension and can get even more upset. Do what you do at home to soothe a tantrum: Walk around, hum her favorite lullaby, or distract her with a toy. And while it’s only polite to try to keep your child from disrupting the flight, don’t worry too much about what other people think. Apologize, but remember you’ll most likely never see your fellow passengers again.


9. Ask for help

If you are traveling alone with your baby, don’t be shy and ask the flight assistant to help you hold your baby, distract the baby or serve you food first. Whatever you need or feel that could help you and your baby to have a more comfortable flight, just ask for it! Most flight attendants are very nice and helpful.


10. Be mentally prepared 

That means always expect the unexpected. This one should not be too much of a stretch, as after all we are parents. Accept the fact that things go wrong, baby gets sick, flight gets delayed, etc. Think of it all as an adventure. This way you are less likely to get frustrated and more likely to laugh things off and have a good time flying with your baby.


 The Chill Mom. Family picture. Father Mother and daughter. Top 10 Tips for Parents travelling with Babies and toddlers.

On our most recent trip to Penang, Malaysia.

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Thank you so much Michelle!

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