I have been MIA but actually…

Hi Friends! I have been MIA (Missing In Action) but actually I am just at my Beauty site. I have been creating a lot of videos lately and building my new site. I know it is a lot of work to really make your site grow.

I have been busy with my personal life too. Also, I am away to help me think of what should I post here in the next couple of days. Right now, my mind and attention are really into the beauty side and not really into crafting, diy-ing and you know the usual me here on the blog.

Though, I miss doing what I am doing here but time is just really not enough. I am taking a slow pace and not stress myself about my blogging journey.

Just in case, you wanted to know what I have been up to lately. Check out below and I am inviting you to subscribe to my beauty channel as well.


Click image to read the posts.

June Bella Box Thumbnail

40 Beauty Questions 2

NYX Box of Smokey Eye Look Collection


So, if I am not around here just go over my beauty site for sure you’ll find me there. Thanks guys for checking me out today and love you all! Mwah!

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