What’s Up! + Confession

Hi everyone! I have been away for a month and I miss blogging in this little blog of mine. I have to admit that my full attention is with my beauty blog. I have set a time line to come back by August 1 and I’m so happy to be back!

POFH Update


Some of you may ask, why create a new blog when you already have one. Oh well, I have two reasons. First, I’ll be talking more about beauty things around the blog for the upcoming months so I thought there should be a designated blog for that. Secondly, it’s also because of Google Adsense. My old account was disabled. I did a mistake in re-linking my site and POOF the next day I got a message from Google Adsense that I disabled my adsense account.

I applied so many times and still no chance of re-instating my account. Anyway, I am starting all over again and hopefully my beauty blog will be approved in Adsense program soon.

My earnings in adsense was increasing every month and I liked watching it grow. It was such a waste! Especially, I deactivated my account unintentionally from the program.


Linky Party

I stopped the linky party because I didn’t liked what I was seeing in the analytics. Only few linkers who visit other bloggers. I wasn’t happy about it. I think this is one problem that you’re going to face if you are holding a linky party. I just wish that all the linkers at least visit one bloggy friend.

I noticed some came here to add their project and POOF they are gone in less than a minute.

I do appreciate those bloggers who clicked other blogger’s entry especially those who leave comments. You know who you are and thank you so much!

Personal Life

A bit busy with my kids these past weeks. Little Boy Dave was sick. He was vomiting and having a diarrhea. It is due to bacteria. He is better now. I’ll bring him to our favorite Pedia Doctor tomorrow so he’ll be checked thoroughly.

I am now in the process of setting up my small home based pastry bizniz. I am crossing my fingers. I am praying and hopefull that it will be a success. Thyis simply means that I will be busy in the upcoming months.

House update

We already paid the reservation fee a couple months back. We are still waiting that the owner will break the whole lot into individual title. We won’t pay the down payment until they deliver this to us.

We are excited and wishful that it will be process fast. Unfortunately, the processing is way too long. It feels like forever. 2 units are already up. The first unit is now occupied, the 2nd one is almost done. The construction of the third unit is now on going. There are 8 units in this small subdivision.



I would like to greet my other fellow bloggers who I missed so much. I do read your blog updates :)

Hi to…

Karen of The Feral Turtle

Vashti of VashtiQVega

Paula of Beautythroughimperfection

Christie of Satisfaction Through Christ

Katie of The Crafty Blog Stalker


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. If you want to know what’s up in my beauty Youtube channel. Check it here.

See you again!



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