A Simple Color Palette that Evokes Luxe

A Simple Color Palette that Evokes Luxe

Take a page from the books of casinos and create an elegant living space.

When we try to choose a color palette for our homes, there’s a lot of thought that goes into it as we try to pick the one that best embodies the feel that we want for our homes. Whether we go with the blues and tans that bring forth memories of beaches or deep, dark browns that remind us of forests, the color palette is often what ties a room together, and we get inspiration for it from the wildest places.


As designer David Bromstad tells HGTV, color inspiration can sometimes come from the most unexpected and unusual places, including markets, malls, and magazines. One place you may not have considered is the casino gaming floor, as big bright lights on noisy machines often take away from being able to experience the décor of the room itself. Recently, however, we’ve seen a trend in casinos now opting to bring more attention to their interiors.

Roger Thomas, the proponent of the “Playground Design” that made Wynn Resorts so successful, has begun creating casinos which make players feel at ease. Wide windows are paired with soft greens to allow for a more comfortable feel, and this is something that you can emulate in your own living space as well.


This great room from Bhouse is the perfect example, as it marries pastel greens with plenty of natural light, making the room much more comfortable.


If you’re looking for a more mature, serious palette, you could turn to the traditional roulette wheel, which Intercasino says “has been at the heart of the casino experience for hundreds of years”. No casino would be complete without it, and its simple palette is easy to replicate in your own home.


Traditional wheels carry only the following colors: the red and black of the wheel itself, and the deep, dark brown of the aged, polished wood. With this in mind, it’s easy to create a look that comes off as mature, without having to actually get a roulette table for your own.


This palette is also more traditional in casinos, and they’re reflective even of the classic deck of cards, the dice, and even poker chips, and with it being so easy to pull off, it’s an obvious choice for that casino feel.

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