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Hi Friends, because I am a huge fan of Korean drama series (thanks to my MIL), I have decided to go on Korean restaurant/ cafe adventure. I once tried Korean food at Esplanade area in Singapore, as I can remember, the food was delicious but it was a bit pricey.

I am actually curious about the Korean restaurants sprouting all over Cebu and Mactan areas. I wonder what the food taste like and the prices. The Korean movies that I watched inspired me to try their food.

I wanted to go to Korea as well. In fact, I wanted to go to the Coffee Prince Cafe, oh well, if that still exist.

So, my first stop is Oppa Cafe located in Junquera Extension. They are selling milk teas, coffee, and snacks.

I went there together with my daughter. She was very excited. The first time we step in she was like “mom, let’s sit here…oh wait..maybe here…oh wait, let’s climb upstairs.” Yes, she was that excited.

Oppa Cafe 1


The ambiance is very cute and comfortable. We definitely love to lounge in this cafe. I love that the store is bright and so alive.


Oppa Cafe 3

Oppa Cafe 5


Although, the walls are full of hand writings and post-its it doesn’t look dirty to me. It gives off character, personal touch and I also find it fun.

Oppa Cafe 12

Oppa Cafe 2

Oppa Cafe 4


This is the view from the loft. Comfy right? Can you imagine yourself lounging in one of the cubicles below?

Oppa Cafe 8

Oppa Cafe 7


Does anyone of you know who this cute guy is? Oh by the way, “saranghae” means I love you.

Oppa Cafe 6

I ordered Choco Oreo Java Chip Frappe (P150+). I like it! but it was a little sweet so I ask the attendant to put more water to balance the taste. Other than that the experience was great.

Oppa Cafe 11


Doing some selfie. Little girl likes to make funny faces.

Oppa Cafe 10



Oppa Cafe 9


My daughter had Vanilla Cold Drink (P70+. I forgot the correct name). We like it too. She also asked me to do the Korean up-do hairstyle.




Oppa Cafe 15

We wanted to join in the trend, so I asked the staff for some post-its. And so I wrote…

Oppa Cafe 14

That day the cafe was not crowded. I think it was around 6:30 pm and school break had started.

There were 2 television playing KPop videos. The staffs doesn’t have uniforms like what I see in the coffee prince movie (Ok, enough of the coffee prince). It would have been nicer if they have proper uniforms on. Nevertheless, the staffs are friendly and accommodating.

As to the pricing, I think it’s okay. The store is near the University of San Carlos so I believe most of their customers are students.

I saw another Oppa Cafe near Super Metro Colon. It was smaller yet they still retain that bright and lively ambiance.

Lastly, every person should order. No “tambays” (bystanders) allowed.

Where should my next Korean restaurant/ cafe be? hhmmm…do you have any suggestions?

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Talk to you soon guys and thanks for being with me today!

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