How to Decorate a Front Door


Is your front door not inviting? boring? You think it needed that oomph effect? Here are 8 ideas on how to decorate a front door. You may need some creativity and a bit of elbow greasing.

How to Decorate a Front Door, door with monogram, door with hello, door with flowers

1. Decorative nails or studs.

Black door with nails studs,beautiful black door, beautiful stairs

found via houzz

2. Crown Molding
Jilly of Me and Jilly uses foam type crown molding for her front door and painted it with a dark, muddy gray paint color. You’ll definitely gonna love this.
Me and Jilly Front Door Before and After, how to decorate a front door, dark muddy gray door with crown molding
3. No Soliciting Sign Board
I think this is brilliant. How many times have you encountered people knocking at your door to solicit money or talk about other religion? Do you think this would help?
4. Wreath
There are a lot of wreath decorations out there but this one really caught my eyes. From Gina of Random Thoughts from an Incoherent Mind.
If you have broken umbrella that you still love, why not make a bouquet just like this one.
Wreath Umbrealla with Flowers
5. Monogram Wreath
 Monogram will surely add a touch of elegance and personality to your front door.
Monogram Letters for front door

Found via Home Talk

6. Decals
Simple yet cute.


7. Door Knocker

How cute is this?


8. Decorative Door Handle

Now, that’s for today. Thank you for checking these ideas. I’d like to know if you like the featured projects in the comments.

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Talk to you soon, my friend.

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