I’m cooking something

Pursuit of Functional Home blog have been around since 2010 and it is time to clean some mess around the house. Yes, I’m cooking something so there might be some mess that you might notice as you visit this blog. It’s time to rethink where this blog is heading. Still this blog will be sharing more about homes and snippets of my family life.

I'm Cooking Something at Pursuit of Functional Home

I have to thank you once again for sticking with me all these years. For sharing my posts in your social media platforms. I always treasure the time that you spent in this site and for stalking me (if you did :))

For all my bloggy friends, I haven’t connected with you for sometime now and that will be corrected soon. I miss you guys!

Expect to read more Blog or projects features from other bloggy friends and home inspiration in the coming months.

I hope to be back real soon after this long overdue blog clean-up.


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