Basement Design Ideas

Basement Design Ideas: Transform Your Wasted Space to a Beautiful Place

If you’re frustrated with your basement space, you’re not alone. Most people have at least one room in their house they wish they could transform. Fortunately, transforming your basement isn’t hard or costly. Here’s how to do it and transform it into a beautiful place to work or play.

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Plan Out Your Space

Before you do anything, plan out the space. What do you want to be able to do down here? Most people have at least one idea for the space, whether it’s a separate T.V. room or a game room or a gym. However, what you want to do is draw up blueprints for the space so that a contractor can build it for you, or so that you can build it yourself.

If you don’t know how to design blueprints, you can hire someone or use a program like Google Sketchup to make a design. Once you have your design, it’s time to shop for materials.

Make a materials list that includes all of the major materials you will need for your project. It should include things like paint, drywall, nails, furniture, flooring options, molding, and decoration. If you need to wire new electrical, install insulation, and put in plumbing, make sure you include this in the parts list.


Hire a Professional If You Need To

Unless you’re a construction professional, or a professional contractor, you probably need help with things like knocking down, or building, walls. Hire a professional, and make sure everything is permitted so that you don’t run into problems with the government.

Another reason to consider a professional is because even minor problems can turn into major ones. For example, if you install plumbing improperly, you might end up with an expensive leak that your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover. You could also end up with very dangerous mold problems or rot, foundation damage, and damage to your expensive flooring.


Make Some Furniture

Just because you’re hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar for everything. You can build simple tables for your new room, for example, buy picking up an old tabletop from a second-hand furniture store, a yard sale, or repurpose something from around the house – combine it with table legs from and you have yourself a functional table.

Buy second-hand chairs, or make extensive use of throw pillows on the floor and you’ve got a place to chill out and read.


Ideas For The Space

There are a lot of things you could do with a basement. A few ideas include:

Building a Gym – get in shape without the expense of a gym membership. Most home gyms can be put together for a few hundred dollars. If you’re a serious weightlifter, a squat rack will cost you between $400 and $1000, and the weights will cost you a few hundred more. If the average gym membership costs $25 a month, that’s just over 4 years of gym dues. That’s not that much considering that you will be working out for the rest of your life.

Create an Office – Office space is at a premium. Always has been. Always will be. But, if you create an office space in your basement, you won’t have to pay the exorbitant rents and you can still get your work done away from all the noise, hustle, and bustle, of the main living areas.

Make a Playroom – Maybe you want a place to put the kids when you need some peace and quiet. Build them a playroom, and childproof it. Your kids can have fun down there for hours while you take a nap.

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