Tinkerbell and Prince Charming Costumes

My little girl had been asking me to make her a Tinkerbell costume for so long. Good for her, the hardworking side of me kicked in a few weeks before her cousin’s princess birthday party. I was very excited to make it and planned to share it with you. I documented everything using my camera. I made Tinkerbell costume for little girl and Prince Charming costume for little boy.

The unfortunate event happened. The micro SD card got corrupted. Because of that, I lost all my photos and videos  of the tutorial. I was so shocked and frustrated. I had it already, all I need was to transfer everything to my laptop. I was procrastinating. I should have transferred it immediately.

I believed that everything has a reason. Maybe it was not meant for me to share the details on how I did it. If you’ve been reading my previous DIY post, you’ll notice how giddy I am to share my tutorials/projects. This was just a big blow to my heart.

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Let’s move on to the project. I cut out some big and small leaves  for the skirt. I inserted a garter and eyeball the blouse using her old sleeveless shirt. I had fabric lining on all fabric cut outs. If I was to redo this costume, I’d go for a full dress.

For the Prince Charming costume, I followed the steps that I found here and made some adjustments along the way.

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Good thing, I was able to upload these photos via my personal FB account before the disaster happened.

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Little Boy Dave was trying to do the hand salute.

I am not much of a help to you for these costumes. I had my lessons and hope I won’t commit them again in the future. I am dying to know what you think. Let me know in the comments.


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