To achieve a perfect kitchen decoration, kitchen lighting plays a vital role. You should ensure that lighting above the food preparation and cooking section is bright and cozy. To add aesthetics to the kitchen, fluorescent lamps and LED lamps are needed. The key here is to choose the appropriate lighting fixtures. The following seven innovative ideas may be of some help.

Kitchen Solutions. White Kitchen. Prestine white kitchen

Hanging lights arranged in a triangle formation cast light directly onto the central dining table. As the light comes from more than one single light source, illumination is even and sufficient. Meanwhile, light reflected form the surface of the dining island can brighten up adjoining areas.

Kitchen Solutions , prestine white kitchen, beautiful kitchen

Thanks to the three delicate glass pendant lights, the dining island will receive adequate brightness. But as there is a short distance between the sink and the dining island, a ceiling light is installed above the sink. Such a layout ensures that you get enough light while hustling around the sink.

 Kitchen Solutions, beautiful kitchen with island

Cannot find the kitchen pendant light? Take a closer look. The designer ingeniously installs a light in the center of the pot racket to serve as the usual pendant light. But the light should be positioned at a much lower height than the pot racket, so the hanging cookers like pans and pots will not block the light when you need to attend to the food.

 Kitchen Solutions, beautiful white kitchen with island

In this traditional kitchen, different types of lights are deployed. The glass window offers great brightness, for it allows in a generous amount of natural light by day. Two wall scones brighten up the floor cabinets fixed below, and the gigantic pendant light provides adequate illumination for the central dining island and the sink.  

Kitchen Solutions, beautiful long white kitchen

For families with four or more kids, kitchen is always crowded and stuffed with food. The place can be a disaster at dinner time. The designer installs a string of pendant lights above the kitchen cabinets, making it easy for kids to look for food and snacks.  

 Kitchen Solutions, black and white kitchen with marble kitchen island

The huge dome shaped pendant light supplies a ton of tender illumination to the central island. It is sleek and finished in white, making it in line with the simple but posh decoration and the crisp kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Solutions, wood cabinets

Creative lighting design fills the tiny kitchen with sufficient illumination. Three pendant lights hanging from the ceiling offer general lighting and recessed lights provide complementary lighting. The highlight is the installation of two lights in the exhaust hood. Therefore, even the most obscene corner of the kitchen receives enough rightness. Image 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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