Another Baby Coming Our Way

Oops! this post was supposed to be published 2 months ago and Oh boy! I lost touch with my blog. I wonder why it didn’t publish on the date I set. I have a lot of things to share with you behind the scenes, why I was MIA and blah blah blah…you will know why in my succeeding post.


We are going to have another baby! Yay! I am now on my 13th week. I still have slight morning sickness. I still hate the smell of garlic and onion. I feel tired all the time. Once I learned that I am pregnant all my DIY project has to put on hold. My spirit wanted to cook, bake and do my normal stuff but my body is telling me to just relax and stay in bed as much as I can. That also includes staying away from gadgets. My slipped disc was such a nuisance so I started going to a Chiropractor. It wasn’t cheap but it greatly helped with my back pain. It was a good investment I would say.

Hopefully, on this 2nd trimester everything will be better.  This pregnancy so far is not too bad from the first If I am to compare. First baby is really quite a challenge compared to the succeeding babies. The nice thing about this pregnancy is that I am here in my home country. All my cravings (paglilihi) were served. Unlike before when we were still in Singapore, all my cravings can be found only in Philippines. That was really tough but I survived.

Our kids will be 7.5 and 4 yrs old when baby #3 comes out. Both of them will be in school. I don’t have to worry much about entertaining the 2 kids while taking care of baby#3. There are some thoughts going thru my mind about life having 3 kids.

To those Moms out there who have 3 kids, I’d love to know what is it like. Really. Please share it in the comments.


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