Pregnancy Update: 34th Week

We are almost there! few more weeks to go and we will have our little bundle of joy. Did I mention that we are having a boy? hmm…I think I missed that part. We are going to name him Josh Gabriel.

I actually like Gabriel Josh than Josh Gabriel. What do you think? Which name do you prefer?

My pregnancy now is a bit alarming. Just a bit. My doctor told me to limit my walking co’z I might get into pre-term labor. I should be due for CS operation this coming June 6 but if I don’t relax and limit the walking I’ll be in for trouble and the baby as well. I have been super busy with the new house. I kept on walking, traveling and standing for a long periods of time.

I realized that walking a lot is best for pregnant moms when its almost due like 3 weeks before due date. I realized that too much walking is not good for pregnant moms especially when you are still far from the due date. Well, as we know anything too much is really  not good for our health.

Now, I have to relax and sit most of the time. The house still needs some decor here and there but that just have to wait.

I am not sure if you can see it clearly, my belly is already low. There are still lots of cleaning to do in the new house. We will get there.

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The earliest date for little Josh to come out will be on May 22 or last week of May. Please include us in your prayers. Thank you.

Talk to you soon.





  • Feral Turtle May 21, 2016, 3:18 pm

    Awe you are so cute Judy! Josh is a fantastic name. That’s the name of my son! Sorry this comment is so late but we have had no internet for a week….so congratulations if he is already here!! I hope everything goes well or went well and you will be in your new home with your new son soon!! Cheers.

    • Judy June 14, 2016, 1:29 am

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you. Yep! He’s here and we just moved in to our new home too. Life’s a bit hectic as usual but everything is well and good. Cheers!


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