It’s been quite here in POFH for sometime now. As always, I am in pursuit to a functional home for the whole family. With that I am sharing a project with you that I’ve been wanting to do for so long. In this project I used reusable wall stencil Sophia Trellis pattern which I bought via Amazon. It took roughly 4 months to arrive and I already thought I was scammed but it was worth waiting for. I couldn’t find a store selling stencils here in my hometown. I even looked at the local online stores still there’s none so I resorted purchasing it via Amazon. I don’t like purchasing it outside the country as it will take sometime to arrive and I have to pay extra to the post office.

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The Trellis Pattern creates a wonderful touch and actually added depth to this area of the living room.

Here’s another photo to give you a glimpse of another project that I have done. I was very excited to try the stencil that I did not take proper preparation. I will not go into details as to how I did it, I recommend watching some tutorial videos found in Youtube.  I had some mistakes a long the way but at first glance you wouldn’t notice the mistakes I did in stenciling the wall.

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I wanted to tour you around the new home but there are still a few things that I wanted to finish before I can share it to you.

I’ll update you more of these projects in the upcoming post. In the meantime, please browse my other home projects. Talk to you again.

Update: See the finish project here.


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