Update: Sophia Trellis Wall Stencil Pattern

I shared a sneak peak of my latest paint project from the previous posts here. I can finally share the results with you, my awesome and lovely readers. Before that, I would like to thank you for checking this post amidst your busy schedule. I have posts lining up for the upcoming days, I hope you would still check back on my other projects. Comments are allowed in this website and its free. Let me know you are there, I am always happy to read comments from my readers.

So, here they are…

Sophia Trellis Wall Stencil Pattern


The paint color of the trellis pattern is gray. I mixed black, white and blue paints together until I reached the desired color. Here’s a closer look of the Trellis pattern. It wasn’t perfectly done, I know. There were some smudges and bleeding under the stencil. Let’s just look at the whole picture shall we? :)

Sophia Trellis Wall Stencil Pattern upclose

Here’s the wall stencil at the garage. I painted the wall yellow as my base. Why yellow? It’s because I feel happy and energized when I see yellow.

Sophia Trellis Wall Stencil Pattern Yellow and white wall

These are shoe cabinets. The small mini indoor fountain is from my Mother-in-Law. I was just shopping around her garage and borrowed it. I put real bamboo plants to improve Feng Shui around the house. It is also beautiful and easy to maintain. Next to it is a scent burner because I love the house to smell good and it’s also another Feng Shui tip that I am currently doing. These 2 circular decors are not done yet. I will talk about these 2 in the succeeding posts.

Sophia Trellis Wall Stencil Pattern Yellow and white wall decorations, garage wall with stencils, yellow garage wall, interior design garage

Sophia Trellis Wall Stencil Pattern Indoor Foundtain Bamboo Plant and burner

What do you think? Does the yellow wall makes you feel happy too?

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