For all you furniture and space lovers, you will definitely drool over these beauties.  As I have shared here a few months ago, we went to Dubai and we just had a blast! Just like you I am a furniture and space lover, I didn’t let anything passed my eyes when we tour the Burj Al Arab, Kempinski and Emirates Palace Hotel.  We went to a couple of Hotels in Dubai and we were blown away with the interior and architectural design of the buildings. Dubai is amazing, enchanting, and a majestic place to be!

Let us start with the Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab interior designs are always in symmetrical arrangement like this one.

Burj Al Arab love seat, black and gold mirror, gold side table with lams and royal blue oval padded ottomon


Burj Al Arab room. Gold and Red accent, gold lamps and side table with granite oval center tables


I really love that black and gold buffet table.

Burj Al Arab Dining Area, Oval Dining Table, black and gold stripes buffet table, painting with gold frame with 2 sconces at each side

Burj Al Arab. black and red sofa with horizontal strips mirror wall


This is the lounging area in Junsui restaurant. I love the ambiance of the space. It felt calm and serene. I wanted to sit but it was too pretty. I didn’t want to disturbed the energy of the space.

huge living room symytrical living room, gold white and dark brown room

When I first entered this toilet, I was like w-o-w! The mosaic tiles was a show stopper.

black and white mosaic tiles toilet burj al arab

Now, let’s go to Kempinski Hotel. The lobby is also beautiful.

Kempinski Hotel lobby

Gorgeous marble table with stainless steel frame. I want one!


Kempinski Hotel lobby, granite table

I super love love this console table. A combination of old and new, the result was splendid.

Kempinski Hotel lobby decors



Love this floor lamp too.



Finally, let’s go to Emirates Palace. The place was also enchanting. That coffee table is so elegant.

Emirates Palace

Polished marble wall? What?! That’s gorgeous!

Emirates Palace Toilet




Emirates Palace

Beautiful ceiling!

Emirates Palace

This one is so enchanting to me. I really had to get closer and see what it was made of. Look at the intricate design.

Emirates Palace


Close up shot of the mosaic tiles.


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