Featuring 5 Simple Filipino Dishes

Hi Friends, I’d like to share 5 simple Filipino dishes that are easy to prepare and cook. These dishes are very popular in the Philippines.

5 filipino dishes, Tinolang Isda, Tortang Giniling, Bam-i, Garlic Vinegar Pork, Tinolang Manok

Here they are:

1. Bam-i Pancit Bisaya – It is consist of egg noodles (canton), glass vermicelli (sotanghon), meat and vegetables.

Bam-i Pancit Bisaya, Bam-i Pancit noodles, noodle dish in philippines

2. Tortang Giniling –  The main ingredient is ground pork that is cooked first before adding eggs then fried once again.

 Tortang Giniling, Tortang ginaling, how to cook tortang giniling, filipino dish recipe

3. Tinolang Isda – Another simple dish. Healthy and refreshing especially when you are doing hard labor work.


4. Garlic Vinegar Pork – This can be an appetizer or main dish.


5. Tinolang Manok - is a chicken soup consist of chicken (any parts or whole), sayote and malunggay (horseradish).

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