Kitchen Tour

As promised, I will be touring you to our Kitchen. It is small so this will be quick :)

For the sink area, the Developer build a concrete box and on top of that they put the low grade granite. If only we knew that this is a bad idea, we would have it skipped it. Why because of this…



The ideal thing to do is to make the cabinet and on top of that is the granite. The concrete box was unnecessary and looks ugly. Anyway, let’s proceed.


This is the original look of the kitchen.


and now here it is…


The cabinets were from, guess where? It’s from Ikea. Yes, Ikea again! You know this house is full of things from Ikea. The cabinets under the sink is a customized one. I had it for P7,000.00.  We installed mirror near the gas burner in order to make the place look bigger. We raised it so the fire from the gas burner will not reflect on it as it is a bad feng shui.  The range hood is Tecnogas.




The gas burner was from Citi Hardware. It is a local brand – Boston Bay. I bought if for P8000+.  We also installed split type Matrix aircon which we bought it for P21k + 7k installation.

On the other side is a wall which we also decorated with mirrors from Ikea. This wall is supposedly a powder room door but we had it transferred to the other side because we don’t want it facing the dining table.


That black box is where we put our keys. It is a key box from Ikea. The flower decor was bought at Metro Ayala, Cebu.

Yay! We are done with our Kitchen tour. I told you it will be quick. Thanks for being with me today. Please before you go, you might want to check out previous posts below.

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