Minecraft Costume Halloween 2016

We are in Top 5 in the Best Halloween Costume held at North Town Homes, Cebu City.    If you are interested with these Minecraft costume set, I have free printables that you can use here.

Free Minecraft Costume set Printables


Free minecraft costume set, halloween minecraft costume, Minecraft luigi and Princess Peach minecraft costume

With cousin Bri.

Princess Peach Minecraft costume, luigi minecraft costume, free minecraft printables, halloween costume for kids

The kids were so cute in this costumes. Other kids who are very familiar with Minecraft game were amazed by it. These costumes can fit 4-8 years old.

It was a lot of work from creating the boxes, printing and cutting the printables but at the end after seeing the result, it was all worth it.  Seeing the reaction from the kids brought joy to my heart.

It was a fun activity although little girl and boy did not really wear the costumes all the way to the end of the activity due to hot weather. It was also difficult to move around because it was hilly. Wearing these costumes in Malls is a better idea.

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