Basic makeup Brushes for Beginners

I’ll be talking about  9 makeup brushes for beginners.

Before we start, I just want to put a disclaimer on this subject. These are the brushes that I usually use in my makeup application. Some of these brushes might not be useful to you. It all depends on your preference, comfort and convenience.

Makeup Brushes for Beginners, makeup brush, basic makeup

I just hope that this would be helpful in your decision making if you are planning to purchase brushes for the first time. I don’t use all of this brushes in every application but I do use them often.

Blending Brush
Blending brush creates softer and seamless look. It is a must thing to do – blend eye shadows for a cleaner look.

Blending Brush, makeup brushes for beginners

Eye lash and Brow Wand
I use this to soften and contour my eye brows. Also, I use this to remove the clumps after the mascara application.
Eye Brow Wand, makeup brushes for beginners
Eye Liner Brush
I use this to fill and line my brows too. Also, I use this to put eye shadow on the roots of upper lash lines to make my lashes look fuller and sometimes on the lower lash lines too.
Eye Liner Brush

Eye Shadow Brush
I normally use this to apply eye shadow on my eye lids.
Eye Shadow
Fan Brush
I use this to clean my under eyes whenever there are eye shadow fall out. Every time I want a softer makeup look I would normally use this to apply blush, face powder and also in contouring my face. I can easily build up the powder as the hair is not dense so it doesn’t get a lot of powder.
Fan Brush
Foundation Brush
This makes it easier for me to apply foundation on my face especially the inner corners of my nose and under my eyes.
Foundation Brush
Lip Brush
I always use this every time I wear red lipstick or any darker shade. It helps me create cleaner lines on my lips.
lip brush
Powder Brush
Obviously as the name implies, I use this for face powder. Sometimes I use this for blush application.
Powder Brush
Angled Brush
 This helps me create a more defined brows. I cannot live without this. Okay, that was just an exaggeration but this definitely a must have for me.
 Anged Brush
 There you have it guys. I hope this is helpful to you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Pin this post so you can always come back.
See you again and talk to you soon!


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